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A shared service centre refers to a centralized department of an organization that is responsible for overseeing the functions of sub -- division units in an organization. It aims at controlling the activities of smaller departments and optimizing delivery of reliable, cost effective and flexible services. A group of transaction-based activities are reorganized from the smaller departments and transferred to the shared service centres. It facilitates operations involving payroll, accounting, security and human resource among others. Shared service centres are always supplied with trained staff who can effectively handle the complex administrative duties.

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The goals of this structure of organization include

Unified working platform. To create a single platform that serves customers with accurate, efficient and timely services. This is in relation to the units and divisions supported by the main centre. Services in the different sub -- divisions are made accessible to customers directly at the shared centre. This makes it advantageous over centralization which does not give a convincing description of their end users.

Enforcement of principals of service delivery. They enforce and manage the principals of service delivery. They come up with clear service agreements for each level in organization. Workers are expected to strictly adhere to these agreements while offering services to clients. Administrators take their time to verify whether the operations handled by their departments conform to the policies of the company.

Enforce accountability. It enforces accountability for customer services. Regular assessments are carried out on company metrics and customers are subjected to fill service feedback forms. This service checks enforce responsible behavior among workers in the various divisions. They also enhance provision of quality services to the customers.

Creating a proper working environment. It aims at creating a professional working environment. All the staff members in the various subdivisions are expected to understand whatever business activities they have to handle. Since the shared centres deal with a small section of departments, there is the tendency to minimize on common errors. Processing time is enhanced creating efficiency in all departments of an organization.

Creating channels of communication. They create multiple channels of communication between the customer and the organization. All possible channels such as voice, web and email are availed to enable the customers find solutions to their problems at the comfort of their homes.

Enforce organizational goals. They provide an opportunity for each division to concentrate their time in building upon the goals of the organization. Utilizing the scarce technological equipments, divisions are allowed to share some common devices such as printers and typing machines that would have otherwise been costly if supplied in each department. It also provides an opportunity to hire a few technical staff that is highly trained in coordinating division activities.

Consolidation of departments. They handle virtualization, standardization and consolidation of the different departments through server systems. They also analyze the applications to be used in their departments and rationalize them effectively so that they can work effectively in the departments.

Catering for employee affairs. They facilitate administrative work regarding employee's affairs. This includes preparation of pay slips and management of contracts.

Setting up shared service centres is one of the mechanisms a company can utilize to enforce efficiency and reduce managerial costs. Hiring strong candidates to run the service centres is one of the ways to ensure that your company runs effectively. A good number of organizations utilizing this administrative policy have experienced an improvement in terms of speed of operation, quality of services, strategizing techniques and their overall economic gain.